Top Seeds Lab, founded by Ignacio Macias, has accelerated dozens of startups and invested in 40 of them through different investment vehicles. It is the only Spanish accelerator belonging to the prestigious Global Accelerator Network (GAN) and has received multiple awards.

In 2015 Dr Javier Gonzalez-Soria joined Top Seeds Lab as CEO, to specialise it exclusively on TravelTech and only provide acceleration services to those startups where a related investment vehicle had invested, creating a world-class Advisory Board, with more of the 80 most significant travel and digital companies, represented at C-level, which asses Top Seeds Lab about what are the problems to be solved in the travel industry and what solutions and technology seem to be more promising.

As Ignacio and Javier manage both Top Seeds Lab and TRAVEL TECH 1 SCR, there is a total alignment between all the resources and objectives, which allows TRAVEL TECH 1 SCR to enjoy the world-class operating procedures and networking of GAN, have direct access to the Advisory Board of Top Seeds Lab and be a relevant part of the agreement signed between Top Seeds Lab and the UN World Travel Organization. Besides, both Managing Partners of TRAVEL TECH 1 SCR are committed to creating a fluent relationship between the distinguish Limited Partners and between them and the top C-levels of the Advisory Board of Top Seeds Lab, according to the needs of the Limited Partners.