The members of the Advisory Board of Top Seeds Lab assist the startups while they are part of TRAVEL TECH 1 SCR portfolio and later they could consider become investors or owners of them, besides of commercial partners. And what is even more important, as all the investees are B2B companies, before investing the members of the Advisory Board which could benefit from their services confirm to TRAVEL TECH 1 SCR if they are willing to sign a commercial agreement with them or not, what conditions the final investment decision of TRAVEL TECH 1 SCR, minimizing the risk, as the increase in the valuation of the participates will reside in the number of commercial agreements they sign with large travel players and their geographical footprint. Becoming a member of the Advisory Board is free. They only requirements are to guarantee a C-level participation in the bi-annual Advisory Meetings; the predisposition to share the pain points which could be solved with technology; and the will to evaluate the potential of candidates to be invested by Travel Tech 1 SCR and to collaborate with those that finally became part of the portfolio.

These are the companies which make up the Advisory Board: