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Travel Tech 1 SCR

Top Seeds Lab has a venture capital company regulated by the Stock & Exchange Commission called TRAVEL TECH 1 Venture Capital Company (ISIN ES0180541007 | CFI CPCGLQ CNMV N. 17), with a capital of € 7M, dedicated to investment in start ups in the Travel Tech category, with B2B or B2B2C models in acceleration or early growth stages, in which Fond-ICO Global, the “fund of funds” of the Kingdom of Spain, is the main shareholder with 49 percent of the capital.

This Venture Capital Society is the way …

    • Best
    • Safer
    • More simple

… for those international investors who want to invest in Travel Tech in continental Europe and Latin America.

Investment Areas

We have identified as more attractive investment areas those contributed by startups that are capable of achieving at least one of these objectives:

    • Transformation to the mobile environment, with a multi-device orientation, with mCommerce and mMarketing capabilities.
    • Intelligent use of Big Data to provide the personalization of services.
    • Technologies to develop business models and products based on second generation collaborative economies.
    • Technologies that allow the implementation of ecommerce and mCommerce to services in destination -not lodging- excursions, tours, tickets, restaurants, and other activities.
    • Integrative technologies in different direct and indirect online distribution models, at different levels in the value chain.
    • ROI management technologies in eMarketing with conversion attribution and engagement metrics, with cross-platform integration.
    • Technology to solve problems of energy efficiency, waste management and logistics, and everything related to the exponential growth of current performance.
    • Respond to the needs of travelers who have not yet been resolved adequately by established players.

In order for any startup to be considered, it must have a digital approach, a replicable and scalable business model at the international level, and it must not depend on large investments to be successful.


Travel Tech 1 SCR

The mission of Travel Tech 1 SCR is to invest in 12 start ups of Travel Tech, in the acceleration phase, in a period that ends in December 2019.

These are the companies in which it has participated up to now or is about to participate:

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