Travel Tech 1 SCR is the venture capital arm of Top Seeds Lab

Top Seeds Lab - Venture - Travel & Technology

Last July 2016 Top Seeds Lab has launched a regulated Venture Capital Acceleration Fund named TRAVEL TECH 1 SCR, with a capital of 14 million Euros, focused exclusively in the category of Travel Tech. The goal is to invest in 20 startups in their acceleration stage.

This fund is the…


…way for international investors willing to invest in technology & travel in Europe.

Investment Areas

Beforehand, we have identified as most attractive investment areas those brought by startups that are able to achieve at least one of these objectives:

Transformation to the mobile environment, with a multi device orientation, with mCommerce and mMarketing capabilities.

Smart use of Big Data to provide personalization of services.

Technologies to develop business models and products based on second generation collaborative economies.

Technologies that enable the implementation of ecommerce and mCommerce to services in destination -different from accommodation.

Integrative technologies in different direct and indirect online distribution models, at different levels of the value chain.

ROI management technologies in eMarketing with conversion attribution and engagement metrics, with cross platform integration.

Technology to solve energy efficiency, waste management and logistics problems, and in general everything that involves exponential increase of the current performance.

To respond to the needs of travelers still not adequately addressed by any of the established players.

Moreover, for any startup to be considered it must have a digital approach, an internationally replicable and scalable business model and it does not have to depend on large investments to succeed.